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TSC-10HB 10" Cabinet Saw
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This page provides information, tips and tricks for owners or prospective owners of the TSC-10HB 10" Cabinet Saw made by Mao Shan in Taiwan and re-badged and sold by numerous woodworking retailers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the TSC-10HB's specifications?
Specifications below are those listed by the saw manufacturer.

Diameter of Arbor 5/8" (16mm)
Arbor Speed 4000 RPM
Motor 3HP
Saw arbor diameter 5/8"
Max depth of cut at 90o 3"
Max depth of cut at 45o 2-3/4"
Table size (unextended) 27" x 20"
Table size (extended) 30.1"
Table height from floor 34.1
Front guide rail size 57"
Rear Guide rail size 57"
Fence size 33.5" x 2.1"
Net weight 168 Kgs
Gross weight 192 Kgs
Packing dimensions 20 CuFt

What should I do before using the saw for the first time?
There are plenty of things you can and should do, however, the following are a list of items that you should do before using the saw for the first time...

  • Read all manuals! There is often important safety information or setup information you should be aware of. The manual provided by the manufacturer is not written in the best English going around, but it will get the most important information across relatively well.

  • Lube up the innards of the saw. The trunions and moving devices require lubrication to keep them running smooth. It is best to lube these up before they get clogged with dust and debris during use. You should use a lubricant that will not attract dust, is moisture resistant to prevent rust, can penetrate into hard to reach places and will not easily wear away, providing long lasting protection. A good brand spray lubricant is INOX, but there are many others also.

  • Check that you have bolted on the cast iron extension wings so they are flat with the main middle cast iron section of the table. If they are higher, lower, or not even across the length of the join, accuracy may be affected. It will generally take two people to install the wings as they are quite heavy. Also be sure that you install them so the painted edge on the wings faces outward (for rust protection).

The plug doesn't fit the electrical outlet socket... Help!
The TSC-10HB comes fitted with a 15 Amp electrical plug (in Australia at least). which has a wider ground/earth pin than your standard 10 Amp plug. As such, it will not fit into your standard 10Amp power point. Some 'woodies' have simply replaced this plug with a 10 Amp plug, others have cut or ground the earth pin off completely. I chose to have a proper 15 Amp circuit installed in my workshop to use the saw. The cost was around AUD$250, but I don't have to worry about frying the electrical wires when running a 3HP cabinet saw and 2HP dust extractor off the same outlet or circuit, and perhaps even a room air cleaner as well (or other devices) . While not essential, it is good to not have to worry about this. If in doubt, always seek professional help or advice form a qualified electrician.   

The saw wont start or switch seems broken?
Firstly, ensure that the saw is plugged into a suitable electrical outlet capable of providing enough power to run the saw. The TSC-10HB is fitted with a safety device on the switch box to ensure the saw cannot be turned on accidentally. When the stop button is pushed all the way in, it will click and lock in the pushed-in position. When in this position, pressing the Green power-on button has no effect. To release the safety lock, rotate the small black ring immediately behind the red push button clockwise. it will unlock the stop button and allow it to spring out. The green power-on button will now become active. If your saw will not start the first time you try to use it, ensure the safety lock has been disengaged first. Before powering up the unit, ensure that any installed blade is firmly fixed to the blade arbor and that there are no objects touching the blade or objects on the table that may vibrate into the path of the blade and cause an accident or damage the blade.
- Tip provided by silentC.

Can the TSC-10HB take a dado set?
Basically, yes, however, the arbor is a little too short to accommodate a full width dado set. It will accommodate a maximum set width of up to 3/4", however, use your own discretion as to what you feel is the safe maximum width dado you can set up on the arbor on your particular saw.

What size are the miter slots on the TSC-10HB?
The TSC-10HB uses industry standard 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep miter slots to the left and right side of the blade. These will accommodate most common table saw accessories include after-market miter gauges and tenoning jigs etc. The slots feature a T-slot bottom to accept anti-lift devices attached to the miter bars on some table saw accessories.

What type of rip fence comes with the saw?
On most re-badged TSC-10HB saws, the machine comes supplied with a Biesemeyer-style "Align-A-Rip" fence featuring aluminium extruded faces and solid box-shape metal core. It secures squarely to the front rail only with excellent repeatable accuracy to ensure the fence remains parallel (square) to the blade across its entire length. You may need to check alignment every six months or so just to make sure everything remains aligned. There are adjustment points on the front of the fence to allow you to square up the fence initially. The back of the fence is supported by a metal foot fixture that rides along the back rail. The whole fence assembly is secured to the saw table with large screws (supplied) and no drilling or modification is required to attach the fence. It all fits straight out of the box. Each fence face has a T-slot to allow you to secure jigs or other fence devices if required.

Where can I find a better product manual for the saw?
The manual provided with the saw is not really that great. There is no better manual available direct from the manufacturer, however, Grizzly Tools offer a pretty good manual for a similar model saw, and this can be downloaded from the following link: (then click on the "Manual" button).
- Tip provided by Numbat.

What are the dimensions of the insert plate on the TSC-10HB?
The TSC-10HB ships with a standard metal saw insert for single blades and an insert for stacked dado sets. These inserts do not provide zero-clearance functions however. While you could simply measure the inserts that come with the saw to get the dimensions, I will list the dimensions here should you wish to purchase any of the after-market zero-clearance inserts available for this saw. I have found that the insert is similar in dimension to some Jet model saws on the market. If you are going to purchase an after-market insert, look for one with dimensions of: 12-7/16" Length, 3-1/2" Width, and 7/16" Depth. Note that these dimensions will not make a perfectly fitting insert. There is a small amount of clearance around the insert with these dimensions that is often filled with a spring loaded ball bearing on some inserts or simple rubber spacers. The gap allows the insert to be removed and re-inserted fairly easily, although the insert does need to be secure in the slot when used with the saw. The 7/16" depth is less than the actual depth needed, however, this provides the space for leveling screws to be used to level the insert to the table surface. And if you want that funky table saw insert you have seen used by Norm on the New Yankee workshop, look up and go for the JET10 insert. You can expect to pay around AUD$200+ for one shipped to Australia though, but they are rather nice! If you wish to make your own, just use the standard inserts that ship with the saw as templates for your router using a flush trimming bit. If you need leveling screws, these can be bought from good hardware stores.

Need to tighten your nut?
The arbor nut on the TSC-10HB has a left-handed thread, so it tightens in the opposite direction (rotating it toward the back of the saw). Be wary of this when loosening the nut, as you could actually be tightening it even further if you try to unscrew it in the normal direction.
- Tip provided by PaulS.

What is the dust extraction port size?
The TSC-10HB features a 4" (100mm) dust extraction port on the right side of the machine (when looked at from the front) just under the motor access door. Within the cabinet is an angled metal base that helps dust fall down toward the port. You can permanently fix a 4" dust hose to the port using hose clamps or buy a 4" tapered quick connector to fit the port if you need to remove your dust extraction hose easily for use on other machines. Note that the TSC-10Hb does not have any dust collection features as standard on the blade guard. You might consider purchasing an overhead arm blade guard for this saw if you are serious about collecting dust from both above and below the table. 

Is a router table extension available for this saw?
We currently know of one cast iron router extension that bolts directly on to the saw. It is sold by Carbatec in Western Australia and is labelled as "CT 10 Router Extension" and retails for AUD$149 (as at 28th March 2005). You can find the CT-10 extension here >
CT-10 Router Extension for TSC-10HB
- Info provided by Pete J and Numbat

Where can I find a sliding table for the TSC-10HB?
Carbatec in Western Australia well a sliding table that will fit the TSC-10HB. You can read more about it here:
MS-ST Sliding Table for TSC-10HB

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