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Septone Orange Scrub
Hand Cleaner

By Dean Bielanowski

Whenever you engage in any kind of car work, machinery work, renovation work, painting work, DIY or building work etc, your hands always end up covered in grease, grime, dirt, paint, and who knows what else! Having a decent hand cleaning agent available allows you to quickly remove the muck from your hands.

The local auto store had a special on Septone Orange Scrub hand cleaner - buy one get one free - so I decided to grab a couple bottles and give it a go!

Septone Orange Scrub is an industrial strength hand cleaner that contains a number of ingredients to provide good cleaning power, but is also relatively gentle to your hands. It comes in a squeeze bottle, or in larger dispensing containers for bulk quantities, and is a toothpaste-like consistency. It is designed to remove most industrial soils including dirt, mud, dusts, coal dusts, oils, greases and solvents. The abrasive ingredient in Orange Scrub is Pumice. The Pumice is relatively fine grained, meaning that the scrub wont sand your skin away, but is effective enough to remove stubborn materials from your hands. Plus it contains no petroleum solvents like other, more harsher hand cleaning agents, so it is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The scrub is applied to your hands, and then massaged over the skin where soiling is present. A little water can be added if needed, but just a drop to make the rubbing action a little easier. Once the soiling is removed, your hands can then be cleaned as normal with water, which also washes away the pumice and, in most cases, will result in a nice pair of clean hands. A second scrub may be required for more difficult soiled areas. I wont tell a lie and say it works perfectly on everything first go. With some paint on my hands I had to scrub twice, but for dirt and grime, it seems to work very well.

Orange scrub is also PH balanced, so it more closely matches the PH of normal skin, and contains lanolin, Vitamin E, jojoba oil and Aloe Vera to help retain skin moisture and skin health. And of course, since it is called Orange Oil, it has a very pleasant orange smell to boot! It is also readily biodegradable, so is a great "green" choice for individuals and businesses.

Overall I am quite happy with the performance of Septone's Orange Scrub. It is easy to apply via the squeeze bottle (or pump packs for larger quantities) and works very well without drying out or affecting the skin, as can be a problem with other harsher hand scrub cleaners.