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Kreg 90 Degree Corner Clamps
By Dean Bielanowski

Regular woodworkers will know the frustrations often associated with clamping 90 degree corners, or holding shelves or tops/bottoms onto cabinet carcasses for mechanical fixing or gluing. Without good assembly jigs or assembly tables, this task can be tricky, especially if you are working on your own. There are many corner clamps on the market, in one form or another, but since I do a lot of pocket hole joinery, I decided to grab a couple of Kreg's new corner clamps to give them a go. But let it be known know that these clamps can be used equally as well whether you use pocket hole joinery or any other form of 90-degree joint construction.

Kreg 90 Degree Corner Clamps
As the name suggests, these clamps can pretty much only be used to clamp degree joints. This might include 90 degree picture frame joints, drawer construction, box construction, shelving or even T-joints. The clamp itself is similar in function to many other locking clamps and other clamps from the Kreg tool line. The clamp body is constructed of heat treated steel with a nickel plated finish for durability and strength. The spring loaded locking mechanism is adjustable for clamp force, and the new adjustment nut makes it quicker and easier to make these adjustments. The blue rubber coated clamp release lever allows the clamp to be releases easily and without excessive force. The clamp is able to be set for varying material thickness up to 1-1/4", making it suitable for most woodworking and cabinet-making tasks.

Moving on to the clamping head, there is one fixed 90-degree steel clamp reference surface, which is painted blue with ground 90 degree faces for accuracy.
I checked these clamp heads for accurate 90 degree angle and they came up trumps using my Incra "Guaranteed" 90-degree metal square. The unique design of the fixed clamp head allows it to be used on T-joints along the middle of a board (say for shelf fixing) or installation of drawer dividers or in box/pigeon-hole construction. The clamp surfaces are about 2 inches long by 1 inch wide, which provide a good wide surface which helps prevent marking or marring work pieces, particularly when soft woods are used. The other mating clamp piece offers the same 90 degree angle but is set on a screw swivel head which allows the clamp to produce a self-squaring joint when applied which is an accurate 90 degree angle (as best as I can test with my squares anyway).

90 degree clamps shown in traditional end joinery and T-joint clamping.

In Use
The clamps are easily to apply and remove, and can be done with one hand. When clamping corner joints the clamps actually flush both pieces too which makes it very easy to set the clamp and drive your fasteners or hold the joint securely and flush while glue sets up. For T-joints the fixed clamp head design allows these to be positioned anywhere along a mating face as needed and two Kreg corner clamps will hold the piece firmly and at 90 degrees, just like a second pair of hands at the assembly table. Kreg do make a clamp for this specific task where one clamp end fits into an existing drilled pocket hole, but as mentioned above, these clamps can be used whether you use pocket hole joinery or not. They are equally handy when setting shelves into dados and toenailing as the clamps will hold the joint at 90 degrees while you drive the nails (so you can move your clamps onto the next dado or joint etc). The clamps can be used for holding together 90 degree picture frame joints as the clamps can be easily stood up to sit on a flat surface.

Essentially, anywhere a 90 degree joint needs to be held, using material less than 1-1/4" thick, the Kreg 90 degree corner clamps will probably come in handy. They make great extra hands in the workshop if working alone, and are very handy to have around the shop. I currently only have two of the clamps, but will soon be investing in a couple more pairs. Recommended!

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Kreg 90 Degree Corner Clamp
Kreg 90 Degree Corner Clamp

Kreg 90 Degree Corner Clamp

Kreg 90-Degree
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The Kreg 90-Degree Corner Clamp

Fixed and Swivel head clamps

Pre-set 90-degree clamp angle ensures accurate joint fixing



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