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Lee Valley Lumber Thickness Gauge

By Dean Bielanowski


Here's a simple but very handy device to hang off your keyring or to have hanging in the workshop. The Lee Valley Lumber Thickness Gauge is a keyring style quick measure gauge that allows you to quickly measure material thickness.

When you go to the lumber supply store, just pull out your thickness gauge to check a boards thickness in the absence of markings or sizing stickers, or the check whether plywood or sheet goods are either undersized or oversized.

In the workshop you can use the gauge to determine if pieces you are running through the thicknesser are properly sized. You can check stock boards quickly and easily, and in some cases, even set up particular tool fences or jigs to cut material to a specific width. In terms of accuracy, the gauge seems pretty good. I checked it with my digital thickness gauge and the notches are pretty much right on the money.

The gauge is made with stainless steel in Canada for a tough and extremely durable finish and is roughly 3 1/4" in length. You can quickly measure material from 3/8" up to 2" in thickness. Increments are in 1/8" up to 1" and then 1/4" up to the 2" mark. This spectrum pretty much covers most standard thickness material you will find in supply yards, stores, or required for various projects.

This is a handy little device to take lumber shopping with you or to quickly measure offcuts in your scrap bin. The gauge retails for US$8.95 so throw one into the shopping cart next time you make a purchase at Lee Valley. It is a handy little tool you will use often.

Now, how about a metric version also Lee Valley? Hint, hint!,43513,51657


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