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Ozito MCG-960K
Metal Cutting Circular Saw

By Dean Bielanowski

So you think you have every type of power tool available? How about a circular saw... that cuts metal? It is of course possible to cut sheet metal on a table saw with an appropriate blade, and on the band saw as well, again, with an appropriate blade. And you can even buy metal cutting blades for circular saws, angle grinders and rotary tools. But today we are taking a look at a circular saw designed specifically for cutting metals, and we will explore those features that set it apart from your standard wood cutting circular saw.

Specifications & Features
Let's start with the motor. The MCG-960K is fitted with a universal style 1200W motor that rotates the blade arbor at 3,500 RPM. This is in a similar speed range to many wood cutting circular saws, and in fact, you can use this saw equally well for cutting wood, assuming you can find an appropriate blade to fit, although this shouldn't be a problem as there are many 185mm diameter (7 1/4") blades available on the market with a 20mm bore.

These type of saws are designed to cut mild steel and sheet metal materials only.

In terms of noise output when run up, the 1200W motor outputs no more, or no less noise than your average 1200W universal motor. It's right on average in the noise stakes. You will of course need both ear and eye protection during use, as standard safety precautions.

The saw comes pre-fitted with a blade, and one should always check the blade is correctly secured (no matter what circular saw you buy) before you run the tool for the first time. The 36 tooth TCT blade that is fitted to the tool is appropriate for metal cutting tasks. It doesn't make a terribly fine-finish wood cutting blade, but for rough docking tasks it can do the job. It is designed for metal cutting and, naturally, this is what it should be used for. Replacement blades can be ordered, as can replacement carbon brushes for the universal motor, although two extra brushes are generously supplied. It is difficult to predict how long a blade will last, but a conservative estimate may be cutting up to 80 lineal meters of 6mm steel plate. This, at least, gives you a rough estimate as to how often you might need to purchase (or re-sharpen) a new blade. Blade securing/releasing is made easier thanks to the spindle lock feature, common on most circular saws.

The maximum depth of cut clearance is 57mm at 90 degrees (i.e. the blade at right angles to the base plate). Note however, that the actual maximum material cutting thickness is 7mm, and there is a minimum material thickness of 1.2mm. Also, there is no bevel tilt mechanism on the saw, so square cuts are the only cuts on the menu, obviously for safety reasons. There is a depth cutting option like on standard circular saws, and this is achieved by lowering or raising the base plate in relation to the blade via the front pivot point.

The metal base plate is solid and stable and exhibits minimal warping, even when deliberate attempts at bending the plate are made. The included metal rip fence is secured both to the front of the base plate, and to the rear via standard bridge slots and single thumb screws. The rip fence is handy for making parallel cuts against a straight edge of the material being cut. The fence does not have a printed or etched scale however, so measurements will have to be made a different way, as well as ensuring the fence is square to the blade.

The saw casing and upper guard surrounding the blade is all-metal construction for enhanced user protection. Although the saw is a "cold-cutting saw", there is still the chance of sparks and debris being ejected from the saw, although we found this was very minimal. The saw features your standard spring-loaded, retractable lower blade guard for protection from the blade below the base plate. There is a collection "hood" on the saw which holds metal chips and debris during use, and this needs to be emptied once it starts to fill up. There is a clear, hard plastic window to allow you to view the level of debris build-up. Naturally, you should ensure any chips or metal debris has cooled down before attempting to empty the collection point.

The main handle and power button are plastic with a rubber over-mold grip on the reverse of the handle for better grip control. This handle is also independently adjustable up and down to make cutting safer and more ergonomic. There is a removable round plastic handle that screws to the front of the saw that acts as the second grip/hold for your left hand. The power button is used in conjunction with the safety lock button to prevent accidental startup... i.e. you need to push in the safety lock button first while pressing the main power button in to start the saw. This is a common safety feature on most cutting power tools.

In Use
Using the metal cutting saw is not much different to using a wood cutting circular saw to cut wood, however, depending on the material you are cutting, you might require more patience. Cutting metal is generally slower than cutting wood, so as long as you take your time, everything should work out fine. Again, personal protective equipment is required, and the workpiece needs to be secured properly before cutting. Forget hand holding material to cut it. You are only asking for trouble and metal objects have much more potential for injury than wood materials if they happen to get into motion. If cutting sheet material, secure it down adequately to a solid surface. If cutting mild steel tubing or pipe, secure it in an appropriate vice or clamp before cutting.

The saw is quite comfortable to use once you have set up the adjustable handle. This type of saw requires two hands to operate at all times. Failure to do so can result in serious injury, and circular saws are not a tool to take chances with.

We found the power and features of the saw to be adequate for light metal cutting tasks in the absence of more dedicated metal cutting machinery. For the odd metal cutting job around the home or workplace, this saw can deliver very useable results. Backed up by a 3 year replacement warranty and a retail price of AUD$229.00, the Ozito Metal Cutting saw is worth considering for your next metal cutting task.

The Ozito Metal Cutting Circular Saw is available in Australia through Bunnings Warehouse.

Similar model saws are available from other manufacturers and retailers in other parts of the world. A search for "metal cutting circular saw" on a search engine will bring up some options for our USA/International readers.

Ozito Metal Cutting Saw Photos
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D-style handle with rubber overmold grip provides good user-comfort.

Wide plastic front grip handle.

The depth adjustment locking lever.

Spindle lock allows easier and safer blade changes.

Handle adjustment feature allows you to adjust the height of the handle for better ergonomics.

Dust and debris collection with clear view window.

No bevel-cutting on this saw, just depth adjustment that pivots at the front of the unit. note also the fence bridge and screw clamp.

A 36 tooth TCT metal cutting blade is included.

Cutting some steel tubing with the Ozito Metal Cutting Circular Saw.

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