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Veritas® Flush-Cutting Saws


Flush Cutting Saws Review
By Dean Bielanowski


Veritas are manufacturers of many fine quality tools and jigs for the woodworking market and are well regarded in the woodworking fraternity. Today we are taking a look at their Flush Cutting Saws - a tool that should be standard in any woodworkers shop.

A saw is not just a saw!
To the uninitiated, a saw is simply a device that cuts material, whether it be wood or not. Of course, as professional or hobbyist woodworkers, we are aware of the huge range of saws available today, each with their own purpose and level of quality and any good woodworker will display an arsenal of saws in their woodshop to tackle almost any task. You can put 2 tenon saws (for example) side by side and while they may both complete the same task, one may complete it much better than the other. The quality of a tool (particularly with saws) is perhaps the most important factor under the spotlight when it comes to laying down your money. Since Veritas have established a good name for themselves, we decided to give their flush cutting saws a run for their money to see if they stack up to their reputation.

A Unique Tool
The flush cutting saw is indeed a unique tool and performs a task that perfectly fits its name. It cuts flush with a surface, and with the added bonus of not marking the surface it is actually cutting flush with. This is because it has both a flexible blade and saw teeth that are only set one way. They are somewhat similar to fillet knives in the kitchen, but you won't be letting SWMBO touching these babies!

As the above introduction picture shows, the Veritas flush cutting saw is ideal for trimming dowels and plug flush with your work piece. This results in a nice smooth finish that usually requires very minimal sanding, if any (assuming your blades are sharp of course). In testing (cutting about 50 odd wooden plugs and dowels) we only needed to sand the surface very lightly with a few passes of medium grit paper on most occasions. It certainly wasn't necessary on many, but there is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist now and then... is there?

Cutting our way easily through
some wood plugs

No sanding required, and no
marred or scratched surface

Another great use we found was trimming pocket hole plugs. We used the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to butt join a CD tower to it's base and filled the pocket holes with wooden pocket hole plugs. After gluing, these plugs certainly do not fit flush with the surface and require routing or trimming for a flush finish. You can trim these flush with a router, but it is quite tricky to do. A few seconds with the Veritas flush cutting saw and we have nice flush and concealed pocket hole joints that are much easier, safer and faster to trim than with the router.

Pocket Hole Plug trimming
the safe and easy way!

Another great result!

The Veritas Flush Cutting Saws can be used in virtually any application where you need to cut off a projection without concerning yourself with damaging the surrounding face.

Saw Mechanics
Veritas offers two types of flush cutting saws - single edge and double edge. A double edge saw can cut on either side allowing you to cut projections in tight areas where you may not be able to practically or effectively use the single edge saw.

Both saws feature 22 tpi Japanese tooth-pattern blades. The saws cut on the pull stroke, so don't try to cut on the push stroke (a common habit some of us possess) and expect a good result. Pull strokes are the order of the day with these saws and you will find that the blades cut very cleanly and are rigid enough to provide good control. Take things nice and easy, and as you will or have heard many times before, don't try and force the tool to do a job it isn't built or designed for. You can cut fairly aggressively with these saws, but use a little common sense to avoid damaging the blade.

Each saw is marked to show the direction the blade needs to be orientated to have the teeth facing up (which will avoid any scratching or marring of your work piece). The words "This side up" are printed at the base of the blade close to the handle. The handle seems quite strong and is comfortable in the hand and can be hung from its handle for storage purposes if required.

There is only so much you can say about a saw of this nature, however, we found them to work very well in testing, they were comfortable and easy to use and cut extremely well with no marring of the work piece. There is no doubt that these saws will get plenty of ongoing use from us in the future. Recommended!

The Veritas Single Edge Flush Cutting Saw retails for US$17.95 and the Double Edge Saw for US$22.95 and both can be ordered direct through Lee Valley or through most major woodworking supply stores worldwide.

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Ahh, Nice new saws just waiting
for some action!

The 'Genu-wine' thang!

"This side up"

Flexible blades allow you to cut
flush with the surface

22tpi for fine cutting that usually requires no sanding afterwards


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