Video By Dean Bielanowski

Maintaining Router and Shaper Bits Between Uses


Did you know that it is very easy to maintain a sharp edge on all your router and shaper bits, and that it takes just a few minutes of maintenance work on the bit, and not a whole lot of skill needed to achieve it?

Now, unless your cutting bits are in very poor condition, or have nicks or gouges, all you need to maintain them is a decent diamond paddle sharpener and a few fingers to hold it. In the video below, I explain how, spending just a few seconds of your time, you can keep your router and shaper cutting bits in great working order and extend their useable lifetime. Watch below now!

How easy is that! Now there is little or no excuse not to keep your expensive cutting bits in good order. You only need a good set of small diamond files/paddles. You can buy these online, and the ones we use and recommend can be purchased below.

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